About Us

We provide the apparel and gear that is essential to help athletes and individuals perform at their best while feeling empowered and loved and with every purchase an opportunity to give to someone in need. Designed to bring awareness to Mental Health and inspire women to be their best and to feel their absolute best with positive affirmations in mind. Daily these affirmations bring more light and power to the Mind, Body and Soul thus creating in itself one Ultimate Collection.

The Capsule Collection is the first of many. Bringing you the accessories to your outfit, we decided to launch our waterproof Bucket Hats and Matching socks collection. This collection will feature a Part 2 and Part 3 so stay tuned.

Founded by Model, Designer and Creative Director, 'Lilly Amoree'. The Forbes of Fashion is a High Fashion-Luxury Brand with a unique philosophy in mind. Our purpose is to bring awareness to a much more unique voice, not only within the Fashion Industry but in Make Up, Design and Art - as well as so many other unique markets. This is where Visual meets Art in some shape or form. 

The Ultimate Collection x ADAA

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